How Men Overcome Premature Ejaculation

The cause of premature ejaculation is that the penis, especially the glans, is not used to being stimulated and is too sensitive. The treatment guideline is to let the glans get used to the stimulation and make the cognition become duller.

The most convenient method is to massage the glans with a towel when taking a bath. The massage is too weak and has no effect. Therefore, moderate intensity must be applied when massaging. After continuing to do this for 3 months, the skin of the glans will be stimulated, and the penis will become strong and durable.

Host ejaculation belief training. First host masturbation, when you are about to ejaculate, stop the stimulating action, then hold it back, wait until the peak fades, and stimulate again, this is a training method that you can develop yourself. This behavior was repeated about 3 times. This strategy is called “SQUEEZE TECHNIC compression training (compression method)”. At the beginning, it will be defeated more or less, but as long as you grasp the trick, you can stop the impatience to ejaculate at all times.

In addition, people with phimosis usually have their glans wrapped in the foreskin and cannot be stimulated by underwear and other objects. Premature ejaculation is unavoidable, so the problem of phimosis should be dealt with first. If it is a pseudophimosis, you should generally pay attention to making the glans come out.

Also, when you are about to ejaculate, it is also quite effective to adopt methods such as memorizing mathematical formulas and historical year numbers silently!

Provide another way, that is, for a neat penis, you can wear 2 condoms to reduce the difference to the penis, which is quite effective. When wearing a condom, the first one needs to be worn to the end, and the second one needs to be worn to the left and right to play! In this way, it can last longer. Of course, it’s okay to wear 3 or 4 condoms instead of condoms, but don’t forget to check if your partner feels okay!

Since the problem of premature ejaculation comes from the mental aspect, nervousness and the unaccustomed stimulation of the glans are the biggest reasons for premature ejaculation. Take it easy and don’t cut it off because you know it’s impossible. As long as you go through training along the way, men will become stronger. With the increase of experience, these problems can be quickly overcome. However, overcoming premature ejaculation also requires the help of a partner. As long as you cooperate slowly with your partner, you will be able to overcome it after 2-3 months. Women should not criticize men. It is hard to say that an ugly sentence may cause a cycle of destruction.