Practical health care methods to prevent impotence

The sexual dysfunction disease that   many men are most afraid of is impotence . This disease not only endangers men’s health , but also affects men’s self-esteem. So is there any better way to help prevent it?

 Pay close attention to testosterone

  Testosterone levels drop in even healthy men as they approach age 50. Symptoms such as decreased libido, moodiness, decreased energy, and difficulty making decisions are all signs of declining testosterone levels, so be on the lookout for these symptoms.

exercise  regularly

  There is plenty of evidence that running, swimming, and other forms of aerobic exercise can help prevent erectile dysfunction. Also be careful with other exercises that stress your sex organs, especially cycling. Cyclists who ride for a long time should choose a bicycle that suits them, wear pants with spacers, and it is best to ride standing.

  stay optimistic

  Due to factors such as the fast pace of work nowadays, male friends have relatively high mental stress, which often affects men’s physical and mental health, because high mental stress also has a certain impact on male sexual function, such as common diseases such as impotence and premature ejaculation , male friends should learn to properly decompress after work, and maintain a positive and optimistic attitude. Both husband and wife should communicate more and face the problems that may be encountered in sex life together.

 quit smoking

  Smoking can damage blood vessels, blocking blood flow to the sex organs. Nicotine can also infect blood vessels.

maintain a healthy weight

  Being overweight can cause a number of health problems, including diabetes, which can cause nerve damage, which can lead to erectile dysfunction if it affects the nerves to the sex organs.

  pay attention to diet

  A diet that is not good for the heart is also bad for sexual performance. Small amounts of fruits and vegetables and high-fat foods can not only block blood flow to the coronary arteries, but also block blood flow to the sex organs. Studies have found that men who eat a Mediterranean diet for a long time have less erectile dysfunction.

  Prevent high blood pressure and high cholesterol

  High blood pressure and high cholesterol damage blood vessels, including those that lead to the sex organs, thus leading to erectile dysfunction. Visit your doctor regularly to check your blood pressure and cholesterol.

 drink in moderation or not at all

  There is no evidence that moderate drinking is bad for erections, but long-term drinking can damage the liver, nerves, and other problems that can cause erectile dysfunction.

  Avoid Anabolic Steroids

  These drugs, often abused by athletes or bodybuilders, lower testosterone levels and also reduce the body’s ability to recognize testosterone.