Does Overwork Cause Loss of Sex Drive?

 Will excessive fatigue lead to a man’s loss of libido? With the accelerated pace of life and increased pressure, modern people are often in a state of fatigue. Over time, it will not only lead to a decline in immunity, making people prone to various diseases , but also affect people’s sexual performance. So, does excessive fatigue make a man less libido?

  Medically, fatigue is divided into 3 types: mental fatigue, physical fatigue and mixed fatigue, and it is believed that they are caused by improper work habits and living habits. The adverse effects of long-term fatigue on sexual function are mainly manifested as loss of libido, difficulty in sexual arousal, erectile dysfunction (ED) and rapid ejaculation .

 Reasons why fatigue can cause loss of libido

  1. The most powerful human impulses—sexual desire, fear, appetite, and aggression—share a neural pathway in the brain: the limbic system. In other words, this system controls human behaviors such as sexual intercourse, fear, eating and fighting. Increased pressure and tension in life will affect the changes in the other three behaviors and affect sexual function.

  Second, long-term excessive tension and fatigue will reduce neurotransmitters (such as adrenaline, dopamine and acetylcholine, etc.). Sexual energy and desire come from a certain amount of adrenaline, adrenaline and dopamine and the balance between the three. Excessive tension and fatigue will interfere and destroy this balance.

  3. When the neurochemical substances in the human brain reach a certain amount, sexual desire will be aroused. And long-term tension and fatigue will reduce this neurochemical and cause sexual dysfunction .

  It can be seen that the sexual function is extremely fragile, and it is the first thing people lose when they are in a state of tension and fatigue. However, short-term fatigue has little effect on sexual performance. With the recovery of physical strength, sexual function will also recover quickly, so there is no need to worry too much. It should be noted that chronic fatigue has a long-term and complex impact on people’s physical and sexual functions. With the accumulation of quantitative changes, it will lead to serious psychosomatic diseases. The solution is first to change bad work and lifestyle, restore regular daily life and sexual life rhythm; at the same time, actively adjust or treat psychosomatic diseases, so that the sexual function of the fatigued can recover faster.

  How do men keep healthy

  In terms of men’s health issues, physical health is closely related to mental health. If a man wants to maintain physical and mental health, the first thing to overcome is psychological problems. It is an indisputable fact that men are too tired to live, especially middle-aged men, who not only have to bear the heavy burden of work, but also provoke the burden of supporting the elderly and raising and teaching the children, so they become the group with the heaviest psychological burden. Psychiatrists say that men who are under high tension and infinite mental pressure every day will almost show mental illness symptoms such as listlessness, irritability, unwillingness to trust others, and unwillingness to communicate with others to varying degrees. Therefore, psychologists remind men who have the above symptoms to actively adjust their mentality, reduce pressure in time, and get rid of various psychological crises.