Four unique ways to treat male infertility

Psychotherapy, one of the treatment methods for male infertility It refers to the doctor’s ability to change the patient’s emotions through the influence of words, expressions, and behaviors, reduce or eliminate their mental symptoms, and build confidencein overcoming the disease, so as to achieve the goal of curing the disease . Methods as below:

(1) Scientific induction method. Through the scientific induction of male infertile patients, male infertile patients can understand the cause, evolution, treatment and prognosis of the disease, so as to cooperate with the treatment. Many infertile patients lack sexual knowledge. After a detailed understanding of the patient’s medical history, they should introduce the cause of the disease, the severity of the disease, and explain the development and treatment of the disease to the male infertile patient.

As well as introductory knowledge, let patients understand about sexual desire, erection, ejaculation , orgasm, time and frequency of sexual life and issues that should be paid attention to. This will not only help patients understand their own diseases, eliminate mental tension, but also cooperate with doctors in self-regulation, which is beneficial to the treatment of diseases.

(2) Emotional motivation method. Emotions and health are closely linked. A happy mood is beneficial to people’s health, on the contrary, excessive sadness and depression will damage the body. Therefore, through the touching words from the heart, the patient can feel comfortable, elevate, happy, happy, happy, and eliminate bad emotions such as depression and sadness, which is helpful to cure male infertility.

(3) Attention shifting method. It is to divert the attention of male infertility patients to other aspects, so that they can establish a firm belief and devote their energy to work, study and life, so as to alleviate the disease or make the disease turn to recovery.

Semen transfer is based on the actual situation of male infertility patients, using the language that the patient can easily accept to transfer their spirit, will, thoughts and attention; changing qi is to communicate qi and blood and adjust qi mechanism through the transfer of attention, so as to benefit the disease. cure.

(4) The method of patiently explaining doubts. After a person suffers from a certain disease, it is easy to have all kinds of suspicions. Minor illnesses are suspicious of serious ones, and mild illnesses are suspicious of serious ones. Some patients with sexual dysfunction are suspicious and doubt their abilities after the first or occasional sexual failure. In this regard, we should aim at the ideological burden of male infertility patients, and use effective methods to relieve patients’ unnecessary suspicion, help them get rid of their ideological burden, and achieve the ideal effect of psychotherapy.