What are the treatments for non-liquefied semen

What are the treatments for non-liquefied semen?

  1. Etiological treatment

Especially for those who have prostatitis at the same time , comprehensive treatment such as antibiotics is required.

  2. Drug treatment

Such as hyaluronidase 1500U, intramuscular injection once a day or chymotrypsin 5mg, intramuscular injection every other day, 2 to 3 weeks as a course of treatment.

  3. Drugs for external use

Currently commonly used amylase preparations are a, Alevaiye dissolving agent (tetratyloxylphenol aldehyde dissolving agent), chymotrypsin, pancreatic deoxyribonuclease and sputolysin (dimercaptothreitol) dissolved in phosphate buffer. Usage: It can be inserted into the vagina before sexual intercourse, or it can be directly added to the semen in proportion outside the body to promote the liquefaction of the semen for artificial insemination.

  4. Physiotherapy

Vibrate the semen sample or draw the semen into the syringe and pressurize it with a 18-gauge or 19-gauge needle and inject it into a glass container. Repeat the suction for 5-6 times. The semen can be used for artificial insemination after liquefaction.

5. Others

Wash the non-liquefied semen to elute the seminal plasma or collect high-motility sperm for artificial insemination after the above-mentioned treatment.