Main causes of male infertility

In recent years , the number of infertile people has been increasing year by year, and many people think that childlessness is a woman’s business. In fact, this seems wrong. The incidence of male infertility

  What are the causes of male infertility:

1. First of all, smoking and drinking. Severe nicotine and alcohol in alcohol can reduce the secretion of sex hormones in men, and alcohol will damage the spermatogenic cells of our testicles, resulting in poor sperm development and infertility; there is High temperature is a very unfavorable environment for sperm, so try not to wear tight pants and work in high temperature environment for a long time.

2. What are the causes of male infertility? Malnutrition will lead to a lack of vitamins, which will lead to a lack of zinc in the body and a decrease in libido. This will reduce the number of sperm and reduce their own fertility; Some drugs also have an effect on sperm. As the saying goes, “a drug is three-point poison.” All you need is to earn money to support your family, and if you don’t have a good mood to worry about all day long, the number of mirrors will drop sharply, so you must have a good attitude.

3. There are also some male friends who have too frequent sex life, so the number of sperm will be greatly reduced, and the chance of natural pregnancy will be reduced. Also, frequent masturbation will cause aseptic prostatitis , Directly affect the motility of sperm and cause infertility.