Men should learn to save your sperm

Experts pointed out that sitting for a long time is also the main reason why computer programmers and online game enthusiasts become high-risk groups of infertility . In the case of sitting for a long time, if the driver is still wearing tight underwear, the air circulation around the scrotum will be less, and the local temperature will be too high, which will affect the quality of sperm . Drivers are advised to wear loose cotton underwear to keep them well ventilated, and pay attention to rest and getting out of the car after driving for a long time. For those who sit for a long time in the office, it is best to choose a wooden chair, and stand up every half an hour to an hour to breathe.

In fact, more and more men are facing the embarrassment of declining sperm quantity and quality. And among the infertile couples in the infertility clinic, about 30% of the infertility is caused by the quantity and quality of male sperm not meeting the requirements. In the routine sperm examination, less than 60% of the men who come to the examination have normal sperm quality.

Surveys show that compared with 30 or 40 years ago, the number of sperm per milliliter of semen for men has dropped from about 100 million to the current 20 million to 40 million. 20 million is the bottom line, and it will be difficult to conceive any lower. An accepted fact is that the quality and quantity of male sperm are currently declining.

Sperm is actually very delicate, high temperature, drinking, sitting for a long time will affect its living environment. Excessive sex life, smoking and drinking, excessive use of the Internet, etc. will cause poor sperm motility, low semen density, and more dead sperm. In addition, lack of sleep, poor sleep quality, and irregular life are also important reasons for the decline in male physical fitness and unqualified sperm.

It is worth noting that the decline in sperm quality has a trend of younger age. Many sperm banks across the country frequently spread news that the quality of sperm of college students who were once regarded as “sperm bonanzas” is worrying. A family planning institute in Wuhan once publicly solicited sperm from colleges and universities, but surprisingly, of the 400 university student volunteers who came to donate sperm, less than 50 had qualified sperm.

Infertility experts believe that bad living habits such as smoking, drinking, and surfing the Internet all night affect the survival rate of sperm. The premature and frequent sex life of some college students is also one of the important factors leading to their own reproductive system disorders and lesions.

What preparations should male friends make before checking the sperm survival rate?

There is no need to make any special preparations for the sperm viability test. Long-term non- ejaculation tends to have high sperm density, many dead sperm, and poor sperm motility. This is normal, so it is advisable to abstain from sexual intercourse for five to seven days before semen inspection.

The method is that you masturbate, ejaculate semen into a container, and then submit it to the doctor for observation.

Observe the sample after 20 minutes, and the normal sperm motility rate should be above 60%.