Self-care methods for male impotence patients

 For men suffering from impotence , as long as they insist on self-care every day, the disease they suffer from will recover as soon as possible in a short time. The following editor recommends some self-remedies for impotence, you might as well give it a try.

  Impotence Self-Care

  1. Massage

  Press the perineum point (between the scrotum and anus) with the middle finger for 30-50 times to make it feel sore and swollen, once in the morning and once in the evening. Press the navel hole with your thumb 30-50 times. Massage the lower abdomen and the whole abdomen, 100 times clockwise and counterclockwise, and then push 50 times from the two ribs to the navel with the palm of your hand. Rub the waist eyes, lumbar spine, and sacral spine 50 times to make the local skin warm. Hold the scrotum and penis with palms together, rub for 5 minutes, grab the head of the penis and pull it outward several times, rub again, repeat 3 times. Press and tap Juegu (four horizontal fingers on the outer malleolus) and Sanyinjiao (four horizontal fingers on the inner malleolus) with the tip of the middle finger, 5 minutes each, twice a day.

  Two, levator anus

  Retract and release the levator ani muscle Every day before getting up and before going to sleep, do the retraction and release of the levator ani muscle (the movement of the levator ani muscle is the movement of lifting the anus when the daily bowel movement is about to end), five times a day in the morning and evening, 50-100 times each time.

  3. Relax

  Relax your mind, stabilize your emotions, and have self-confidence Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the penis belongs to the liver, stagnation of liver qi, poor emotions, and stagnation of the liver will cause the penis to become soft and useless. Therefore, we should pay attention to cultivating sentiment and not getting angry. During the treatment, you can take Xiaoyao Wan and Sidaosan, and you should relax your whole body during health care exercises.

  4. Penis Root Squeeze Control Method

  Squeeze and control the root of the penis. The force should not be too heavy, but it should not be too light. It is required to block the reflux of the venous blood of the penis and ensure the smooth flow of the arterial blood of the penis. An erect penis.

  When the angle between the erection of the penis and the lower abdomen is less than 90 degrees, stop the squeezing control and do levator ani muscle exercise to maintain the penile erection. After the penis has softened, you can continue to squeeze the control. Do it once a day in the evening, which is helpful for the treatment of impotence. When there is a feeling of ejaculation , that is to say, stop squeezing, and squeeze again later. What needs to be remembered is to avoid squeezing the head of the penis (easy to wilt and ejaculate).

  5. Try to be restrained in sexual intercourse

  Separate beds for husband and wife, stop sexual life for a period of time, avoid various types of sexual stimulation, and let the central nervous system and sexual organs get a full rest, which are effective measures to prevent and treat impotence. Experts say that long-term excessive intercourse and indulging in pornography are one of the causes of impotence.

  6. Use caution with drugs

  Avoid or stop taking medicines that may cause impotence. If you must take a certain type of drug due to a disease, you should try to choose those drugs that have no effect on sexual function.