These signals are early warnings of a man’s body overdraft

Women pay the most attention to their appearance, because women’s faces will affect their social skills and personal mental outlook, and they are constantly looking for ways to maintain their health to keep them healthy and young. Men’s responsibilities and pressure are heavier than women’s. As the pressure increases, the body will be in an unhealthy state, and the aging speed of the face will also accelerate with the unhealthy body. Therefore, once a man has the following conditions Be extra careful!

  Signal prompts of male body overdraft

Except for major diseases , as long as menstrual disorders, or acne, spots, yellow complexion and other symptoms appear on the face, these problems are generally attributed to female endocrine disorders. And men have acne or dark circles, etc., these are generally called body overdraft, in addition to these, which symptoms of male body are the performance of body overdraft?

 1. Feeling tired all the time

The responsibility and income of most families come mainly from men. Entertainment and socializing are things that men must do, so it is normal to stay up late and go to bed late. Coupled with the huge pressure from work and family, it is easy for men to suffer from insomnia , In the long run, you will feel tired easily when you do anything, even if you rest for several days, you still can’t get rid of fatigue. When men are prone to fatigue, it means that their bodies have been overdrawn to a certain extent, and they need special attention.

When the body is always feeling tired, don’t think that it is caused by the usual lack of sleep. It indicates that the man is physically exhausted. Therefore , it is necessary to strengthen physical exercise . You can get up half an hour early every day to do some aerobic exercise such as jogging. Secondly, try to avoid working overtime and staying up late, because this is very harmful to the body. Eat more vegetables and fruits daily, maintain vitamin C intake, and try to quit greasy and spicy eating habits.

  2. Shortness of breath and body aches

From the aspect of personal exercise, it can be seen that men are generally higher than women, but in terms of work efficiency and social skills, men are still higher than women. Men who are in high-load work for a long time will consume a lot of body energy, resulting in soreness in muscles, cervical spine and other parts At the same time, the body’s demand for oxygen begins to increase, which can easily lead to shortness of breath.

There are many symptoms of increased pressure, shortness of breath is one of them, and it is very necessary to decompress yourself. It is recommended to do deep breathing exercises every day, which can relieve stress and increase the oxygen content of the body. The most scientific breathing method is to hold your breath for 10-20 seconds between inhalation and stop, then exhale, inhale as deeply as possible, and then exhale forcefully. Morning, noon and evening three times a day, 10 minutes each time will have an effect. This method is very effective in reducing stress.

  3. Shaking hands

Male body problems are not limited to the common manifestations. When the body is overdrawn, the hands will tremble. The hand tremor is called “essential tremor” in medicine, and 20% of the elderly over 65 will experience tremor This kind of problem. However, the work pressure of men is increasing, and the phenomenon of hand tremors has become common, but most people’s hand tremor symptoms are relatively mild, and there is no need to pay too much attention to them. However, if it affects daily life, symptomatic treatment can be carried out.

Generally don’t pay too much attention to the trembling of hands, but it is also mentioned in the above statement that if you have this symptom for a long time, you must go to the hospital for an examination , because it is very likely that your body’s overdraft has already caused other diseases in your health.

4. Sudden change of temper

People say that everyone’s temper is not only born, but also acquired. Some people are irritable and some are gentle. But if the innate temper is these manifestations, and one day it suddenly changes, it means that there is something wrong with their body. These changes may be a signal that their bodies are overdrawn, so don’t blame or ignore them, but give them special care and regulate your emotions.

Temperament changes are often manifested in easy anger or depression, and these phenomena are mostly caused by physical overdraft. Usually, you can use weekends to go to the countryside to relax, or have a big meal to relax the pressure of usual work. It helps a lot to get back in a good mood. In addition, you can listen to some soothing music before going to bed to help you sleep. Good sleep is the prerequisite for a good mood.