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How men get urinary tract infections

What are the clinical symptoms of a male urinary tract infectionUrinary tract infection is a common urinary system disease caused by pathogenic bacteria invading the urinary system . Due to various reasons, the number of urinary tract infections in men has increased in recent years. Because of face, men are very taboo to go to the hospital for treatment, often delaying the timing of […]

Small details to prevent impotence

What are the small details of impotence prevention? Can controlling stress prevent impotence? This article has made a detailed introduction to this issue, and I hope that male friends will read it carefully.     How to prevent impotence ? Impotence seriously affects the physical and mental health of men , makes men unable to lift their heads, and affects the sexual life […]

Sex can be used to prevent premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is like a nightmare . It takes away a man’s dignity, makes the patient’s sexual life unharmonious, and damages the patient’s body. For this disease , what men have to do is to understand its causes as early as possible, and do a good job in prevention and treatment in normal times.  Can Sex Tips Prevent Premature Ejaculation?   1. […]

Clinical manifestations of prostate stones

Prostate stones are true stones formed in the prostate acini and gland ducts. The reason for its formation is not clear yet, and it may be related to chronic inflammation of the prostate acini and exudate ducts, as well as urinary retention and hypercalciuria.   A small number of patients with chronic prostatitis or benign prostatic hyperplasia will […]

These signals are early warnings of a man’s body overdraft

Women pay the most attention to their appearance, because women’s faces will affect their social skills and personal mental outlook, and they are constantly looking for ways to maintain their health to keep them healthy and young. Men’s responsibilities and pressure are heavier than women’s. As the pressure increases, the body will be in an unhealthy state, and […]


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Where can I buy Sharps in Singapore?

Tadalafil, the active ingredient in the medication Cialis®, is one of the most effective and widely used options on the market for treating erectile dysfunction, or ED. As with other erectile dysfunction medications, Cialis is available in a variety of dosages. One of the most common forms of Cialis is a 20mg tablet, which is designed for […]