What causes male infertility

  Although the causes of male infertility are complex and there are many types, some male infertility can be prevented and avoided. Although this concept has changed, infertility is still a heavy ideological burden for men. If you stick to good living habits, some male infertility can be completely prevented and avoided:

  First, get vaccinated on time and maintain good personal hygiene habits to prevent various infectious diseases that endanger male fertility, such as mumps and sexually transmitted diseases .

  Second, do a good job of sex education and health education from puberty, master certain sex knowledge, understand male physiological characteristics and health care knowledge, if you find changes in the testicles that are different from usual, such as: swelling, hardening, unevenness, Pain, etc., must be diagnosed and treated in time.

  Third, it is necessary to strengthen the awareness of self-protection, especially to do a good job. Protection If you are often exposed to radioactive substances, high temperatures and poisons, you must strictly follow the operating regulations and protection regulations, and do not be negligent. If you want to have a child in the near future, it is best to leave this kind of work for half a year before giving birth.

  Fourth, we must pay attention to the protection of reproductive organs such as testicles. The testicle is a very delicate organ. Its best working temperature is about 1 degree lower than the human body temperature. If the temperature is high, it will affect the production of sperm , so any factors that can increase the temperature of the testicle should be avoided, such as: Long bike rides, hot baths, wearing jeans, etc.

  Fifth, change bad habits, quit smoking and drinking; don’t eat too greasy things, otherwise it will affect your libido; in addition, you should also pay attention to avoid contact with toxic substances in your life, such as: How long should you put the clothes brought back from the dry cleaners? Wear it every day, because dry cleaning agents can affect the sexual function of men.

  Sixth, we should do a good job in pre-marital examination. Through physical examination, early detection of abnormalities can avoid the pain after marriage. After you get married, you should often communicate with your wife about the problems you encounter in your sex life, cooperate with each other, and understand each other, so that many mental impotence or premature diarrhea can be avoided.

  Seventh, you should cooperate and understand each other in the life of husband and wife, otherwise sexual dysfunction such as impotence, premature ejaculation or abnormal ejaculation will easily occur .