Which forms of entertainment lead to infertility

 Now let’s see what causes this disease?

 Men should pay attention to two factors that cause infertility

  Taking a sauna can easily cause infertility

  It shows that after some men go to the gym, they like to soak in the sauna for a while, so that the fatigue will be relieved and the whole body will be relaxed.

  Hidden dangers The temperature of the sauna bath is high, the perineum is soaked in it, the testicles are in a high-temperature environment, and the spermatogenesis function is damaged (the temperature required for spermatogenesis is 35.5°C to 36.5°C, which is 1°C to 1.5°C lower than the body temperature), which can lead to male infertility .

  Doctors advise young and middle-aged men with reproductive responsibilities not to take saunas.

  Wearing briefs endangers fertility

  It shows that some men’s underwear is becoming more and more feminine , such as tight-fitting and triangle styles, and the pants are mainly made of chemical fiber.

  The biggest victim of hidden danger briefs is pushing the testicles. Tight underwear fixes the scrotum and closes to the abdomen, which greatly weakens the function of regulating the temperature of the testicles, causing the temperature of the testicular environment to rise and hindering the sperm production of the testicles. Coupled with the blocked blood supply, the sperm in the testes will also be destroyed, endangering fertility and making you lose the right to be a father.

  Compared with men wearing pure cotton underwear, the average testicular temperature and plasma hormone levels of men wearing pure polyester underwear or half-cotton and half-polyester blended underwear are more likely to be affected. It will return to normal after a month. In addition, polyester underwear can also generate an electrostatic field in the sexual organ tissue, which affects the sexual function of men to a certain extent.

  Doctors suggest that baggy underwear or baggy boxers are good for making a healthy man. The trousers are made of pure cotton, and the color should be light-colored (to reduce the damage of dyes). Where to buy new underwear, it is best to wash it with clean water before wearing it, so as to reduce harmful substances as much as possible.