4 ways to prevent dead sperm

There are many reasons for infertility , and one of the more common ones is dead sperm. Dead sperm, as the name suggests, is caused by excessive mortality, so do you know how to prevent dead sperm?

  Ways to prevent dead sperm

  No smoking

Smoking is harmful to health and also to sperm , because cigarettes contain a lot of harmful substances, and when we smoke, these substances will be transported into the sperm through the blood, which will cause poisoning and lead to the death of sperm. In addition, long-term smoking will also affect the blood circulation system, leading to abnormal sexual function.

  quit drinking

Alcohol and smoking are very harmful, and alcohol can directly damage the testicles. When we drink too much, it will cause damage to the testicles, which will cause testicular atrophy, which will lead to a decline in sperm motility. Sperm death occurs.

  don’t sit for long

We all know that the optimal survival temperature of sperm is about 2 degrees lower than that of the human body, and when we sit for a long time, the position of the private parts will increase because there is no ventilation. If the sperm is often in such an environment, it is easy to Death occurs, which leads to the appearance of necrospermia, so if you want to prevent necrospermia, you should not sit for a long time.

  Not picky eaters

Sperm also need nutrition , if there is not enough nutrition, it will die. When we are picky eaters, the human body will not be able to take in enough nutrients, and this will lead to sperm death, so it is recommended that everyone should have a balanced diet and not be too picky eaters.

  dead sperm diet

  Chinese wolfberry yam porridge

Materials: wolfberry, yam, japonica rice.

Method: Soak wolfberry in water and wash, wash and cut yam into cubes, and then wash japonica rice. Pour clean water into the pot, and when the water boils, put the japonica rice, wolfberry and yam into the casserole and boil it into porridge, which can be served in a bowl.

  orange peel tea

Materials: orange peel, almonds, old loofah.

Method: Wash all the three ingredients and put them into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water and cook for 15 minutes, then add an appropriate amount of rock sugar to drink.