7 Prevention Methods Preventing Prostatitis Can Cause Impotence

Prostatitis is a common male disease, and it is harmful in daily life. Did you know that prostatitis can cause impotence? Is there any way to prevent it?


Impotence is a disease of male sexual dysfunction . Men suffering from impotence cannot complete their sexual life, which will cause a great blow to their physical and mental health. Prostatitis is also a common disease in men. If the condition is serious, it will lead to infertility. So, will prostatitis cause impotence?

Can prostatitis cause impotence?

Prostatitis may cause impotence, but as long as it can be treated well, prostatitis will not cause impotence under normal circumstances. However, clinically , bacterial chronic prostatitis is severe due to the large amount of bacteria and high virulence. The toxins and purulent substances produced by the bacteria directly stimulate the nerves of the prostate, reducing excitability and a series of transmission signal failures, resulting in impotence. .

There are also some prostatitis that lead to impotence is related to psychological factors. Some chronic prostatitis patients are accompanied by neurasthenia, which makes the couple’s sexual life unsatisfactory and often causes depression. This has also become an important psychological factor causing impotence. .

For impotence caused by prostatitis, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the first thing is to clear away heat and dampness, and get rid of evil spirits. In the process of treatment, you can take less medicines for invigorating kidney yin, and do not overdose, and do not just use rehmannia glutinosa and cornus officinalis, which are relatively greasy medicines, which are easy to “fall in love with evil”. Medicines for clearing away heat and dampness should also be used in moderation. On the one hand, do not overdose on bitter and cold medicines, and on the other hand, they should be stopped as soon as the disease occurs, so as not to damage the righteousness.

How to prevent prostatitis


1. Maintain a comfortable mood every day, and don’t spend the whole day with stress, impatience, anxiety, annoyance and other bad emotions.

2. When you want to urinate, don’t hold it in. It is especially common for white-collar workers in the office or some men’s computer crashes. They often have the habit of holding back urine. In fact, frequent holding back is not good for the prostate and bladder.

3. The regularity of sex life, don’t be in the sex life all day long, or have some bad habits of masturbation from time to time. Excessive sex life will lead to repeated hyperemia of the prostate, leading to prostatitis; and masturbation may also cause prostatic fluid to overflow, which is also detrimental to the health of the prostate.

4. Develop good personal hygiene habits, take a bath frequently, and change clean underwear frequently to develop good living habits. You can also do a lot of exercise , but don’t overwork yourself all day.

  5. You can drink plenty of water in your daily life. At least 5 catties of water per day can increase the frequency of urination, flush the urethra, and play a role in detoxification, which is very helpful for the prevention of prostatitis.

  6. Quit smoking and drinking, do not sit for a long time or eat some irritating food from time to time. Long-term drinking and smoking or eating irritating food are very irritating to the prostate gland, so it will easily cause prostatitis; and sitting for a long time will cause the aggravation of prostate symptoms due to the friction of the genitals, which makes the patient Obvious discomfort.

  7. Don’t catch cold. Exposure to cold can increase the pressure in the urethra, hinder excretion due to contraction, and cause stasis and congestion