The dangers of prostate stones

Many people don’t pay attention to prostate stones. Prostate stones are stones in the prostate. Prostate stones are very risky. They are prone to urethral obstruction, urinary incontinence, bladder reflux, hydronephrosis, etc., which can damage the kidneys. lead to uremia, etc.

  Let’s look at the dangers of prostate stones!

  What are the dangers of prostate stones

  Hazard 1: Cause kidney failure

  Prostate stones are prone to urethral obstruction, urinary interruption, bladder reflux, hydronephrosis, etc., damage to the kidneys, and severe cases can lead to uremia.

  Hazard 2: cause cancer

  A large number of bacteria are often hidden in prostate stones. Long-term and chronic bacterial or viral infections will greatly increase the chances of prostate cancer. In recent years, the incidence of cancer caused by prostate stones in my country has shown an obvious upward trend.

  Hazard 3: Sexual dysfunction

  Experts pointed out that prostate stones are the biggest root cause of not “sex”. Prostate stones are one of the main causes of sexual dysfunction, and professional men ‘s health surveys also show that more than 70% of patients with prostate stones have hyposexuality. Patients with prostate stones are prone to sexual dysfunction, such as painful intercourse , low libido, premature ejaculation , impotence , nocturnal emission, etc., and some people may experience non- ejaculation and blood semen. Prostate calculi recurrent, long-term treatment, bring physical discomfort and psychological barriers to patients, fear, anxiety and depression and other mental states. The two are intertwined, and it is easy to create a vicious circle.

  Hazard 4: Entering the aging period ahead of time

  Prostate stones will inevitably shorten the normal “service life” of the prostate, accelerate the aging process, shorten the normal “service life” of the prostate, and are more likely to enter the “menopausal period” in advance. In addition to the overall decline in physical fitness and quality of life, there is also a comprehensive collapse of men’s health and dignity.

  Hazard Five: The Biggest Cause of Male Infertility

  International andrology experts have found that prostate stones contain a special substance that can cause men to have asthenozoospermia , oligospermia, azoospermia, and teratozoospermia. Directly cause male infertility or affect the development of intelligence of the next generation. According to the clinical survey of China’s Tenth Men’s Health Day , the proportion of infertility caused by abnormal semen in men is increasing. Low sperm quality, which is often referred to as asthenospermia, and prostate stones are now one of the aspects that lead to the decline of male fertility, which should arouse people’s great attention.

  Hazard 6: Cause inflammation

  When suffering from chronic prostatitis, due to the expansion of the acini and the narrowing of the prostate duct, the salts in the urine can precipitate in the prostate tissue to form stones; and the obstruction of the stones and the stimulation of the glands can cause inflammation of the prostate , so that acinar hyperemia lining epithelium shedding, glandular fibrosis. When the inflammation develops or suppurates, it can cause inflammation around the prostate, and severe infection can also form a prostatic abscess.

  Hazard Seven: Hiding a lot of bacteria

  The prostate stones were crushed and cultured for bacteria, and a large number of bacteria grew. However, crushed prostate tissue was cultured without bacterial growth. Prostate stones can often serve as the core of infection and store bacteria, but it is difficult for antibacterial antibiotics to enter the stones and play a role. Therefore, prostate stones are very likely to cause repeated urinary tract infections, and conventional treatment methods are difficult to remove the root cause.

  What are the dangers of prostate stones? After reading the above introduction, you have an understanding of the harm of prostate stones! Experts say that patients with prostate stones should pay attention to a light diet, drink plenty of water, and pay attention to personal hygiene. If you feel unwell, go to the hospital immediately!