Prevention of colds can prevent premature ejaculation in men

 In daily life, there are often many male friends who only have premature ejaculation in their sex life. This not only prevents the sex life between husband and wife from getting the passion and enjoyment they deserve, but also leads to a crisis in the relationship between husband and wife. For male friends, it is undoubtedly a nightmare , how many wonderful sex lives will be in its hands; nevertheless, there are still many reasons for premature ejaculation in life, experts warn us that we should not have sex when we are tired or have a cold So, does a cold also cause premature ejaculation in men? Let’s find out together!

  Experts pointed out: When couples have sex, they must keep warm and prevent cold. You can prepare air conditioners or electric heaters in the bedroom, and adjust the indoor temperature before doing it, which can avoid cold caused by low temperature. If couples have sex for a long time, if they catch a cold for a long time, it will affect the function of the kidneys and cause kidney deficiency , which will lead to the occurrence of premature ejaculation in men . Moreover, colds caused by certain bacteria may also lead to sexual dysfunction such as premature ejaculation in men .

  If things go on like this, men are prone to weaken sexual function, while women are prone to frigidity. Not only that, the body may also show signs of aging in advance, that is, premature aging, which is manifested as a decline in the function of a certain organ of the body, such as blurred eyes , tinnitus, memory loss, back pain, etc. Experts suggest that in cold weather, husbands and wives should warm each other’s bodies, stimulate each other’s “sex” interest with true feelings and warmth, let the body warm up before starting sex life, and then they can get the “sex happiness” they deserve.

  Prevent colds or prevent premature ejaculation

  You can insist on soaking your feet in hot water every night, and it will be better to add curative Chinese medicine, such as safflower, etc.; you can also prescribe some traditional Chinese medicine for invigorating the kidney and strengthening yang, and take it according to the doctor’s advice; exercise moderately before going to bed until the body warms up; use moxibustion Moxibustion at Yongquan point, husband and wife moxibustion Shenshu each other, not only can achieve the effect of health care, but also greatly help sexual harmony. Premature ejaculation men must pay attention to keeping warm and maintaining their health. Don’t overheat or cool down. We have to be responsible for our own body, and we must actively treat our premature ejaculation.

  diet for premature ejaculation

  1. The right staple food

  Japonica rice, millet, sorghum rice, cornmeal, black beans, gorgon, barley, etc. Glutinous rice contains protein, fat, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B and starch, etc. Glutinous rice is a mild tonic, a warming and strong product. It has a good therapeutic effect on premature ejaculation and improves sexual performance.


  2. Meat mix

  Mutton, dog meat, animal kidney, fish roe, oyster, soft-shelled turtle, meretrix meretrix, pigeon eggs, pork kidney, etc. According to ancient Chinese medicine, mutton is a good product for helping Yuanyang, replenishing essence and blood, benefiting strain, and warming the stomach. It is an excellent warming and strengthening agent, which can effectively treat premature ejaculation.

  3. Reasonable fruit

  Mulberries, strawberries, jujubes, black dates, etc. Strawberries are rich in amino acids, fructose, sucrose, glucose, citric acid, malic acid, pectin, carotene, vitamin B1, B2, niacin and minerals calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, etc. These nutrients are very good for growth and development. The promoting effect can inhibit premature ejaculation very well.