What to do in the treatment of impotence

For male friends, impotence has harmed both physically and mentally, and family harmony factors have also been affected. Therefore, the treatment of impotence is urgent. However, experts said that the treatment of impotence requires not only formal and scientific treatment, but also the active cooperation of blood medicine patients.

  So what kind of active cooperation does the patient need to do in the treatment of impotence? The following Chinese medicine experts will give you a brief introduction, hoping to help the patient’s recovery.

  Number one: Cultivate awareness. Cultivate correct sexual awareness, establish good sexual habits, refrain from masturbation, diet, and intercourse.

  The second point: psychotherapy. Mental factors are the main cause of erectile dysfunction, so psychotherapy is particularly important in the treatment of mental impotence. Family members should keep strict confidentiality for patients with erectile dysfunction, and carry out targeted work, so that patients can eliminate their ideological concerns, feel comfortable, and build confidence in overcoming the disease .

  The third point: family support. Husband and wife should respect each other, trust each other, and exchange feelings with each other. It is best for the wife to be able to give her husband enough understanding and comfort, and not to be sarcastic or sarcastic.

  Fourth point: Quit smoking and drinking. It is also very important to develop good living habits. Tobacco can affect the blood supply to a man’s penis, causing erectile dysfunction in men and prolonging the time for another erection. Long-term drinking can lead to decline in male function and prolong male sexual maturity. Therefore, it is best for patients with erectile dysfunction to stay away from alcohol and tobacco in their daily lives.

  Fifth point: positive attitude. Other diseases that cause erectile dysfunction should be actively treated, such as prostatitis , vas deferens, orchitis, etc. At the same time, medication should be used scientifically and rationally, and drugs that affect sexual function should be carefully selected.