Eight Reasons Why Men Don’t Ejaculate

Men’s non- ejaculation is a common disease in andrology . Non-ejaculation usually means that both husband and wife can have sexual intercourse, that is, the man can’t ejaculate, can’t get sexual pleasure, and can’t ejaculate semen; it seriously endangers men’s health and affects the relationship between husband and wife. Cause male infertility, the following editor will tell you the reasons why men do not ejaculate. If you want to know, you may wish to take a look.

  Reasons why men don’t ejaculate

  1. Human factors

  When I was first married, the sexual impulse was extremely strong, and I could ejaculate even without twitching during sex, but after this peak period, I could not ejaculate due to improper methods. Using artificial interference methods such as in vitro ejaculation and condoms to block ejaculation.

  2. Psychological factors

  Psychological factors can also contribute to the occurrence of ejaculation. Improper sex is discovered, punished, and traumatizing. Frequent masturbation before marriage and strong stimulation, but not enough stimulation after marriage to ejaculate. Feelings hurt, fear of ejaculation.

  3. Organic factors

  1. Endocrine dysfunction: such as hypopituitarism, hyperthyroidism, acromegaly, myxedema, etc.

  2. Local lesions: loose bladder neck, hypertrophy of the spermary, penile trauma, induration, scar, fibrosis, extreme curvature, hypospadias, etc.

  3. Spinal cord injury, nerve injury.

  4. Phimosis: Phimosis is one of the main reasons why men do not ejaculate. Because the glans is completely isolated and cannot be stimulated, the sex life cannot reach orgasm, and then the phenomenon of non-ejaculation occurs. If phimosis is found, it is recommended to go to a regular male hospital for treatment in time.

  4. Sexual habits

  In the past, I was able to ejaculate normally, but in order to deliberately prolong the time of sexual life, I used methods such as diverting attention, and developed a habit of delaying ejaculation, which may eventually lead to no ejaculation. At that time, no matter how strongly stimulated the penis was, it didn’t work until I was too tired and had to stop the activity.

  5. Lack of sexual knowledge

  Sexual intercourse is wrong, or the method is improper, the penis is stagnant after being inserted into the vagina, there is no friction or the friction intensity is not enough, it is not aroused or does not reach the intensity required for the excitement of the ejaculation center, which often leads to no ejaculation.

  6. Drug-induced factors

  Mainly due to taking drugs that affect sympathetic tension, such as guanethidine and reserpine for the treatment of high blood pressure; chlordiazepoxide, thioridazine, phenothiazines, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, etc. for the treatment of neurasthenia or insomnia . Excessive use of bitter and cold traditional Chinese medicine and excessive drinking can also cause non-ejaculation.