Men should start from small things to protect the health of their sperm

Protect sperm , start from small things

Men should start from the little things in life to protect their sperm. For example, wear shorts with pads when riding a bicycle, and choose a bicycle with good shock absorption; put your mobile phone in your upper pocket; Keep a distance of no less than 120 cm from both sides; don’t put your laptop on your lap; don’t wear tight pants, etc. Avoid saunas and steam baths. High-temperature steam bath directly damages sperm and inhibits sperm production.

  What men eat to replenish sperm:

  How can a man produce healthy and vigorous sperm? It is especially hoped that men who are married but have not yet given birth to children can follow the “execution”.

  Pay attention to health preservation — pay attention to the maintenance of kidney essence. The doctor said that some male friends are usually busy with work and don’t care about health care. But “men’s health care is extremely important.” Men’s health preservation is to focus on adjusting the diet structure and replenishing kidney essence; the second is to reduce the consumption of kidney essence.

  Adjust daily life—provide a livable environment for sperm. At present, people’s work is really tense and they have more entertainment, but some bad living habits will lead to a decline in sperm vitality, such as irregular life, spicy food, sedentary and so on.

  Advocate a hygienic sex life “People only know that unclean sex can cause sexually transmitted diseases, but they rarely know that reproductive tract infections can cause great damage to sperm motility.” Analyzing from a perspective, young people’s chances of infection mainly come from uncleanness Sexual activity, therefore sex life must be safe and hygienic. In addition, you should see a doctor in time after a reproductive tract infection occurs, and don’t just find some medicine to eat and eat it in a perfunctory manner. Once the opportunity of treatment is missed, chronic reproductive tract infection will be formed, which will increase the difficulty of treatment. Eat more foods containing zinc and selenium — Zinc plays an important role in maintaining the reproductive function of males. Because zinc is an essential substance for sperm metabolism and can enhance the vitality of sperm, eat more foods rich in zinc, such as oysters, shrimps, clams, shellfish, animal liver, walnut kernels, milk, beans, bran and lotus seeds, etc. necessary. However, the amount of zinc per day must not exceed 15 micrograms, because excessive use of zinc will affect the function of other minerals in the human body. 120 grams of lean meat contains 7.5 micrograms of zinc. If conditions permit, it can be taken together with Tiheng Jianyu Zhiyuan Tablets during the medication period to improve sperm quality and effect.