What are the health hazards of men’s phimosis belt

Prepuce means that the foreskin covers the head of the penis, and only when the skin is turned up by hand, or when the penis is fully erect, the head of the penis and the coronal groove are exposed. Phimosis refers to the foreskin mouth is too small, too tight, can not turn up or move up still can not expose the glans and coronal sulcus. If there is redundant prepuce and phimosis, the head of the penis cannot be exposed, which will cause various future troubles. Such as: prepuce balanitis, chronic urethritis, bladder inflammation, pyelonephritis, penile cancer, etc.

After a lot of male friends have passed puberty, the foreskin and phimosis still have not faded away, leaving future troubles for health . Expert advice: people with prepuce and phimosis should be treated in time to avoid unnecessary harm to themselves and their families!

  Modern medicine has confirmed that the specific hazards of smegma are:

① Directly stimulate the head of the penis to induce penile cancer.

② Causes frequent inflammation of the foreskin and the head of the penis, and long-term inflammatory stimulation will cause degeneration and deterioration of the local tissue cells of the penis.

③Creating a harsh environment on the head of the penis can induce many precancerous lesions of penile cancer, such as: penile angle, penile papilloma, condyloma acuminata, leukoplakia, proliferative erythema of the penis, etc. These lesions are easily transformed into penile cancer.

Under the “prelude” of redundant prepuce and phimosis, behind the “main theme” of smegma, there will be the “variation climax” of penile cancer, which is a terrible “climax”, because penile cancer is a kind of A disease that takes life .

According to epidemiological surveys, more than 90% of penile cancers are caused by smegma formed by prepuce or phimosis.

 Prepuce and phimosis are both congenital developmental abnormalities.