Is it normal for a man to have a bent penis?

  Many men said that it is acceptable if their penis is bent, and it is not an abnormal symptom. Just like the facial organs of a person, the shape will vary. But experts believe that there are also abnormalities in the bending of the penis, let’s follow the editor to find out!

  What does a curvy penis look like?

  As a urologist, I’ve probably seen more penis than you’ve ever had. Straight and curved, some make people feel confident, and some make people feel ashamed (cover their faces).

  According to the definition of the Mayo Clinic, penis bending (bentpenis) refers to the bending of the penis to the left and right or up and down in the erect state.

 Is it normal to have a bent penis?

  For the vast majority of men, this is too normal to be a disease at all.

  This situation is so normal that I have not found any data on the incidence of penis bending. It seems that some people have upturned noses, while others have aquiline noses. The reason is the polymorphism of human genes and phenotypes.

  Is there anything unusual about that?

  Everything has a degree. If the tip of the nose is so bent that it blocks the nostrils and affects breathing, it needs to be treated as a disease . The same is true for the bending of the penis. If it affects life, it must be taken seriously.

  As a disease, the English equivalent of penile curvature is ” penile curvature “, to show the difference, it is called penis curvature. The causes of penile curvature are divided into two categories: congenital and acquired:

Congenital penile curvature : the incidence rate is less than 1% . Most are associated with hypospadias/epispadias, causing abnormal development of the corpus cavernosum in the penis, resulting in curvature of the penis.

          Congenital Penile Curvature : There are two common causes, trauma and Peyronie’s disease